Small Batch Artisan Barrel Aged Rum, using a French Guyanese Rum, then lovingly redistilled in Yorkshire with Orange Peel, Sichuan Pepper, Tonka Bean, Sarsaparilla root, Sarawak Pepper, Hawthorne Berries and All Spice, once distilled Caramel is added and then placed in Antique French barrels and left to age. This Rum has elegant flavours, the spices and the Tonka bean have married together leaving a fullness and hint of citrus, finished off with a light tannin that the barrel has gifted to the Rum.

The Perfect Serve

The beauty and elegance of this Rum needs no more than a couple of cubes of ice to show off its style and charm, but if you prefer a longer drink our Spiced Rum lends itself well to Ginger Ale or other dark mixers, and the flavour is not lost. It’s a gem!

42% abv, 70cl bottle