You may have noticed some rebranding of our Chocolate products over the last few months. We have successfully run our ‘Fairfax Distillery’ brand alongside the Ashley McCarthy Chocolate brand for some time. In early 2024 we decided it was time to bring these two great brands together under the name of ‘Fairfax Distillers and Chocolatiers’. Giving you a better chance to sample, buy and enjoy our products.

At the various festivals and events that we will be attending over the year you will now find products from both areas under the same umbrella.

You will find a variety of the Fairfax Spirits, that we have used in our chocolates since the concept of the distillery, in our shop. For the full range of Fairfax Spirits please check out

Ashley McCarthy Chocolate Sculptures and Chef Consultancy will not be affected and still run alongside the Fairfax Brands.